Reconciliation — 2016.03.12

Reconciliation — 2016.03.12

For He is our peace. He united the two parts (Jews and Gentiles) and tore down the dividing wall of hostility.
Ephesians 2, 14

Imagine once you go to heaven Jesus begins to tell your sins to all men. That would be bad, right?
Or you come Sunday in the church and the pastor reads your failure. He tells all what you have spoken and thought about your siblings. And then he told yet that you’ve done the same thing as you reproach siblings. O that is not a beautiful Sunday!
It cannot be! Because Jesus is our peace. He combined both siblings, the blacks and the whites, men and women, the locals and the foreigners, the workers and the directors, the Baptists and Methodists, Lutherans and Catholics, Pentecostals and Evangelicals, the rights and the left. Everybody in the family of God united through Him!
This is possible only through the cross of Jesus. We bring our own faults and our failures to Him and receive forgiveness. And we bring the guilt of our brothers and sisters to him and forgive them and ask Jesus to forgive them. Through the love of Jesus we can receive our brothers and sisters and see them as Jesus sees them. We want to think of them with God’s thoughts, not thoughts of anger. We want to trust God that He will bring us and the sisters to a good place.
Then, when we get to heaven, we are looking forward sincerely that even our "worst enemy" is there. And he is pleased with us and takes us fully in the arms of love. Forgiven and forgotten are all bad words, thoughts and deeds. In heaven there is love and peace.
Today we want to create a little piece of heaven on earth and live in reconciliation! Let us willing forgive each other. And not just endure each other but even wish each other well!
Thank you, Jesus, You forgive me my faults! And I will forgive those who sin against me. Lord, I realize that is by no means easy, but because You want it and help me, I want it. Please, create reconciliation between me and my brothers and sisters!

Bible Reading Today: Isaiah 42: 10-25

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