Reconciliation  –  2020.10.09

Reconciliation  –  2020.10.09

He will turn the hearts of parents​ ​to their children,
and the hearts of the children to their parents.
Malachi 4, 5

Reconciliation is the big issue with Jesus. That is why He came. He wants reconciliation between man and God, so that peace and harmony between man and God can reign again. He wants reconciliation in families and marriages. He wants fathers and sons, daughters and mothers, and reconciliation with parents-in-law. Employer and employees, colleagues, pupils, presidential candidates, politicians, countries and nations ….. He wants to reconcile everything, so that peace will finally prevail.
That is why He took the cross upon Himself. For the sake of peace. It was certainly not easy to have nails driven through His hands and feet, hanging in the burning sun, not being able to breathe, thirst … No, Jesus’ sacrifice was certainly no walk in the park.
Now please test yourself: are you reconciled? What about God: Do you reproach Him for not doing this or that or for not preventing it? Are you angry with yourself because you have made wrong decisions, made mistakes? Are you angry with your children because they turn away from you or go against your wishes? Are you angry with your spouse because he or she is so different from what you imagined? Are you angry with fate (i.e. God) because you ended up in this place and/or are the way you are?
Jesus has reconciled you with God. His sacrifice is valid; He has atoned for your guilt and God has accepted the sacrifice. You are free from guilt, God is gracious and well-disposed towards you; – because of Jesus.
You know, everything else is for you to do. You must forgive, Jesus does not do it for you. You must release your children, spouse, colleagues, teachers and others from guilt, even yourself and God. You must put all matters in God’s hands and leave vengeance and judgment to Him, and then you must love and bless and intercede in prayer for all. It helped me a lot when I forgave a son for being the way he is; – his entire being  annoyed me.  But that was not his doing…
Forgiveness sets heavenly powers in motion. Jesus Himself makes forgiveness a reality in our hearts, so that our wounds can heal and we can love each other. These are real miracles.
HE counts on you. Forgive, so that there may be peace! – also in your heart.

Thank You Jesus, You forgive me and I will forgive. Funny, I always find it hard to forgive. But You help, how good! Now I can love and bless and stand up for my “enemies” in prayer. Thank You, You are wonderful!!

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