Redeemed and freed   –  2020.02.03

Redeemed and freed   –  2020.02.03

If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
John 8:36

That is what Jesus wants: Redemption so we can live completely free without restrictions. Well, if that is not something!  Great joy!  On the other hand skepticism to resignation: If that only would be true, it would be nice… . They call themselves Christians, yet they are bound in unbelief. They have lost hope. However, Jesus wants to rewake hope again today!
The reasons for this unbelief, for this bondage are either that the churches are no longer encouraging people to this freedom and no longer believe the words of Jesus, or the people do not make enough efforts, have no fire of faith. But the Bible word says that Jesus sets you free. The truth is, one cannot receive this gift without the help of the Holy Spirit, never in your own strength. We need the gift of knowledge: our bondage to the devil must be disclosed to us. We must have the gift of distinction whether things come from God or the enemy. The Holy Spirit gives us the power to bind the might of darkness, to set man free, also to release him from any desease. Finally we need the gift to bring about inner healing, release from shocks and emotional trauma. We need all these gifts to set people free.
The death of Jesus on the cross has given us this redemption. He freed us from death, from sin, from curses, from all that trouble us. Now we only have to trust, be ready to receive this redemption. Jesus loves to help. Only He can set us free.
There are so many testimonies of how He set free. Even after years of unbelief He still wants to help, wait for your readiness to receive, never will forget you.
Lately I often had been able to pray fro people who had been bound for years by evil spirits. And they had been set free! Hallelujah! they are now so happy. There are big celebrations in heaven and on earth!

Thank You, Jesus, You are our Redeemer and Deliverer! You paid the ransom for us on the cross, so that we can live in freedom, carefree and happy. How wonderful You are!

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