Redemption  –  2020.01.28

Redemption  –  2020.01.28

My lips will shout for joy
when l sing praise to you,
I whom you have delivered.
Psalm 71, 24

Oh, it is glorious to praise God when HE has intervened and set me free! First the struggle, feeling down, the pain, the bondage, the illness, the depression, and then the relief, the liberation through Jesus! – oh, how wonderful!
Sometimes you think that the sorrow will never pass. Again and again it comes back and spreads in our hearts. The doubt, the dejection, the despondency, the sadness, the pain … will it last forever?
No. HE is ready to loosen our chains. HE alone can do it, and we know for sure: HE will do it!
Lately I have been thinking a lot about why we Christians do not experience the full freedom of the Gospel, why we feel so little redemption, why pain and suffering and weakness prevail in our lives. And I experience answers to prayer when I break curses before prayer. So many people are struck by curses that are effective! When they are broken, one can finally pray for healing and people are suddenly free to experience the joy of faith.
So many Christians are depressed and are unable to live a victorious faith. Once they are released from the sins of their ancestors and the curses, they come to life.
Jesus became a curse for us on the cross. Some think that we are automatically free as soon as we accept Jesus. But experience shows that this is not automatic.  It requires concrete prayer.
Lately I have been thinking so often about brothers and sisters who are ill with cancer and those who are terminally ill at a relatively young age. No therapy seems to work. Will curses hinder healing? Can anyone share their experience with me? I often think that if they are set free, they will also get well again.
I know many Christians who have died. But in death Jesus redeemed them. They radiated the glory and presence of Jesus. That’s why I sing: Halleluja!

Oh Lord, I have so many questions! But one thing I know for sure: If You make me free, then I am really free. And then I’ll be redeemed and happy and cheerful, then I can dance and sing. Yes, Lord, I praise You, my Savior!

Let us pray for our brothers and sisters in China where they are experiencing a terrible outbreak of the flu. May Jesus protect and preserve them with His precious blood! And we pray that many people will call on Jesus as their Savior and find Him!

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