Remember Gods Work

Remember Gods Work

He brought me out to wide-open spaces;
he pulled me out safe
because he is pleased with me.
With you I can charge into battle;
with my God I can leap over a wall.
You’ve let me walk fast and safe,
without even twisting an ankle.
Psalms 18, 19. 29. 36

These are just a few verses from the 18th Psalm. They describe the ease of faith. King David wrote this Psalm, after God had freed him from all his enemies. It was important for him to write everything down so that he never will forget it.
A friend of mine writes down all the great things God did in her life. If doubts or difficulties come, she reads in her book and gets new confidence. In my Bible there are many marginal notes next to the verses. Often it’s just a word, such as “flu 2007”. If I see it, I remember how God has healed my heavy flu and how wonderful He carried me through. Another: “Feet”. My little one had burned both feet with hot oil, but God healed them, not the smallest scar is left behind. These little asides are very important to me, because they show me how great God’s love and mercy to me are. Because sometimes bad days come and our faith is only a small, almost extinguished flame or just a smoldering wick.
Here God wants to give us courage and confidence: If we remember His intervention, we are thankful to Him, and look at the future with confidence and calm. Let us create characters and memories that we can always go back on, then we will not become discouraged so fast, but we will look at our great God, our savior and helper!

Thank You, Father in heaven, You have never forget me so far and You will never do so! Thank You for Your miracles and acts of love in my life! I never want to forget it. I want to make signs of memory, so that I’m always grateful to You. Because You are the Lord who loves me!

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