Rescue in great distress – 2014.07.18

Rescue in great distress – 2014.07.18

The poor will eat as much as they want;
those who come to the Lord will praise him.
May they prosper forever!
Psalms 22, 26

God sees the hunger and hardships in this world very particular. And it is not irrelevant for Him! And He never says: You themselves are to blame.
He is the helper and savior, and also from the greatest hardship He saves His friends. Who trusts in the Lord, will never be left from Him. It may be that the rescue does not always come immediately, but that we have to wait and almost despair. But He has promised: I’m there, even in the greatest distress, and I’ll save you!
Jesus himself was in greatest distress. Psalm 22 describes it very well and aptly how much our Lord suffered on the cross. And yet God has saved! He defeated even death to redeem Jesus and us. Since our current issue will be to solve for Him.
If we have found that security in Jesus, then our heart will revive forever. Then we can remain calm and quiet, even in big trouble. For He is at our side!
When we see the salvation that He has already done previously, we will praise Him, and trust Him that He will solve the need of today. Praise and thanksgiving expels the dark night of despair, of unbelief and restlessness! Praise and prices revive our heart, for we see the right perspective: God is the Lord and has the final word!
This is God’s goal with us: To revive our heart forever.

Thank you, Jesus, Your promises are not empty words, but the truth! You yourself make Your word come true, You want to save me from all distress. I can trust You limitless, for You are the Lord over all. You have the final word. You love Your children and do everything for them.
You are my shepherd, I have everything I need. You let me rest in fields of green grass and lead me to quiet pools of fresh water. You give me new strength.
You guide me in the right paths, as you have promised. Even if I go through the deepest darkness, I will not be afraid, Lord, for you are with me. Your shepherd’s rod and staff protect me. You prepare a banquet for me, where all my enemies can see me; you welcome me as an honored guest and fill my cup to the brim. I know that your goodness and love will be with me all my life; and your house will be my home as long as I live. (Psalms 23)

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