Return home! – 2015.01.18

But Jesus sent him away, saying: "Return home and tell how much God has done for you." So the man went away and told all over the town how much Jesus had done for him.
Luke 8: 38 -39
All over the world missionaries and christian organizations are working. Many are active for Jesus in the motherland too. Therefore you easily can feel guilty, if you are sitting at home and do nothing.
However, Jesus has a special plan for each one, which is valid only for this person. So the man who just had been freed from demonic spirits wanted to follow Jesus with great enthusiasm. However, Jesus had other plans with him: "Return home! Many are awaiting to hear the Word of God, the Gospel!"
I appreciate that so many are taking care for their family, for their children and go to church. Even in doing the housework with the vacuum cleaner you can praise the Lord. Doing the dishes need not to keep you away from praying. God has His eye on these silent servants. They are precious to Him. How many of their prayers are ascending to the Throne of God! Their faithfulness and standfastness are the columns of the community.
There may be a good fellow who, however, has difficulties to evangelize, always begins to stutter and loses the thread of the conversation. Instead he is earning a lot of money much more than he needs for his family. All this financial surplus he can invest in the Kingdom of God by supporting the missionaries who are preaching the Gospel out there on the front. This is a good division of labour. Everybody is giving his best according to his ability.
God blesses the mothers who give marriage and family first place and the fathers who are loyally guiding their families.
May be God is saying to you today: Stopp being engaged everywhere. Return home and preach the Gospel where you live. Then start slowly to find your place within your community and feel relaxed. You can test many activities and find out whether God is blessing them. So you are able to position yourself within the community in the right way. Be God`s embassador at home,within the familiy, to the neighbours and friends!
Thank you, Lord, You never will ask too much from us. You have a place for all of us. Also I may spread the Gospel, live for You, whereever I am. You have no plans for me which are beyond my capacity. You like to be near by me to bless my daily simple work. Thank you, You are so good to me!

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