Return of Jesus  –  2020.04.28

Return of Jesus  –  2020.04.28

Why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.
Acts 1, 11

The eyes of the apostles followed the Lord as He ascended into heaven. Then two angels came and said the words above to them.
HE will come again. Yes, Jesus is coming again! HE is not leaving us here alone.  Instead, He wants to take us with Him. He is building an eternal city with many houses and homes, – there He wants to live with us. For He loves us very much. It is hard for Him to live separately from us, His beloved bride. He is longing for us.
He will not return as we expect Him to. He will return unexpectedly, suddenly, and certainly differently than it is shown everywhere. But He will return, that is certain.
Some people try to calculate the year of His return, but so far they have all miscalculated. Some write books about the signs of His return, but after 10 years they have to rewrite them, because things did not turn out as they expected. I do not want to make any predictions about how it will be.
There are many videos and sermons about Jesus’ return on the Internet at the moment. The tenor is always somehow about fear-mongering and catastrophe, and the dogmatism that those who deny God must now pay the penalty; – at times there is even an undertone of pleasure malicious joy.
I also think that we are in the Last Days, and perhaps I will still be there when He returns. But we are at most at the beginning of these difficult times.
I think we should be full of compassion for the many, many people who are going into the abyss. They are our relatives, our friends, our colleagues, our loved ones. And we rub our hands together in glee because the punishment we deserve is coming to our country. We should rather beg for mercy for our country, with tears in our eyes because of the deep guilt and godlessness of our people. We Christians are unfortunately in a “deep sleep”.  We want to stand by as spectators and watch the world coming to an end. When will we finally get up?

Oh Lord, forgive me for being indifferent to so many things! How much You have fought and suffered for everyone! Lord, I want to stand up and intercede for my people! Lord, have mercy on me!

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