Revival  –  2020.12.15

Revival  –  2020.12.15

When Simon Peter saw this, he fell at Jesus’ feet and said, “Lord, go away from me; I am a sinful man.”
Luke 5:8

I have been reading a lot about past revivals lately. It’s interesting how God uses ordinary people to give revival. How much He, the Almighty God, works miracles through these people!
One thing I always notice when reading the reports: First there were people who sought God’s face and had a longing for Him. And then God revealed Himself to them. Just as Jesus revealed Himself to Peter with a net full of fish. The people who encountered God reacted like Peter: they fell at Jesus’ feet and realised how sinful and unholy they were. The divine purity and holiness was too much for them; it knocked them down and they became aware of their sin, faults, shortcomings, impurity and unholiness. They could not stand before this God. Peter asked Jesus, “Go away!” – for he could not bear this holiness.
But Jesus reached out to him and told him, “Do not be afraid!”
It’s like Isaiah. At the calling, Isaiah also experienced this strong sense of inadequacy. But an angel came and touched his unclean lips with a burning coal and cleansed him (Isaiah 6).
Jesus cleanses us from all sin and impurity on the cross of Calvary. And then He comes and takes up residence in our hearts. The result for Peter and the other disciples was shock, amazement and great, great joy. Without a moment’s thought, they followed Jesus. They had found what they had been looking for.

Oh Lord, I have such a longing for You! Please come and touch me! Please flow through me totally! Take out all impurity and fill me with Your Spirit! And I will follow You all my life; – for where You are, there is life.

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