Rich in distress

Rich in distress

These are the words of the one who is the first and the last, who died and came back to life: I know your hardship and poverty; – though you are actually rich!
Revelation 2, 8f

With Jesus, everything is different. Not death has the last word, but He. How bad did He got mistreated, misunderstood and beaten. How bad did He suffer here on earth. He our God was hungry and thirsty, suffered from heat and cold, was tired and exhausted. And yet God has highly exalted Him and brought Him out of the grave. And now He sits at the right hand of God!
He set a good example: Nothing really counts, but God alone. And just as God himself kept Him, surrounded and held Him in every second and every situation, He is with us. It may be that we are in very awkward situations because of our faith. But He said: You are rich! Because I myself am with you! Even if you should die, I will not leave you. For you remained steadfast in your faith. Therefore, I will give you the crown of life.
All luxury and convenience off this world we do not want to exchange for the presence of God in our lives. He really became our source of life. And He still holds many, many more blessings for us. Certainly, now He may check our faith. But that will not last forever, but only for this short time. Then He himself will “indulge” us with His presence. He is very kind to us!

Jesus, sometimes I mean, I’m only in distress and poor. But You’re there, that makes me richer than all other people! I have You, my beloved Lord who will stand by me and fill me. Thank You, Your peace and joy make me richer and happier as ever!

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