Romans 12, 12

Romans 12, 12

Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times.
Romans 12, 12

Our faith has great power. It grows when we do what God’s Word tells us: Rejoice! Some wonder – but why?? There’s nothing one can be happy about! There is! There is a vast number of beautiful things and experiences with God. We only forget them too fast and rather consider negative circumstances – God does not appear in our thinking. Then the enemy has a walk-over to rob us of our hope, peace and faith.
We prefer to stick to God’s Word. He, Jesus, is our hope! He let himself be nailed to the cross because He loves us – Why should anything else not care Him? No, He will fulfill His word and wants to save us again and again! Therefore we already can be happy, even if the trouble is still there: He has promised us to be at our side and to lead us everywhere. That’s why we can be patient in distress, because He is the winner! That is why we always persist in prayer, as we place great hope in God!
We want to do what God tells us: Constantly remaining in community and in conversation with Him and to let His joy work in our lives. He himself is the reason of joy!

Thank You, Jesus! I can be happy because You are always with me! You are my savior, friend and helper, so I can be patient in distress. You’re there and You are interested in me and my business, with You I can talk about everything, even about small things. It’s nice to go through the day with You!

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