Salvation comes from the Lord  –  2020.10.06

Salvation comes from the Lord  –  2020.10.06

Salvation comes from the Lord.
Jonah 2, 10

So the fish had spat out Jonah, and now he lay in the warm, dry sand and warmed himself in the sun. Then the word of the LORD came to Jonah again. We can imagine that in the middle of this idyll Jonah suddenly heard the voice of the LORD loudly in his head. Word for word the prophets were able to repeat the words of the LORD even years later, so impressive was such an event. Jonah became stiffened with fright. God said: “Get up, go to Nineveh and threaten her with all the things I will tell you. – Jonah was very frightened by God’s voice, but he did not dare to run away a second time. So he actually went to this evil, dangerous city.  There he began to call out, the LORD will destroy you because of your wickedness! Another 40 days and you are gone! – He was quietly rejoicing that Nineveh would receive her just punishment, and his preaching of repentance was not very serious. He preached only because God wanted it that way, he himself would have preferred to see God smash the city. But the effect of this “half-hearted sermon” was enormous. People believed it. They began to fast, put on the cloak of repentance. Even the king got up from the throne, took off his royal cloak, wrapped himself in a penitential robe and sat down in ashes. He was so afraid of God and his judgment that he ordered a general fast, not only for the people,  but for animals as well. Everyone should shout loudly to God, everyone should turn away from his evil deeds and the injustice that sticks to his hands. Perhaps God will regret wanting to destroy us …. And God saw that the people turned away from their evil deeds. So He regretted the punishment that He had threatened them with, and He suspended judgment.
When was the last time you cried over your sins? When were you really sorry? Not like saying, “Yes, I am only human, I make mistakes” ….. that is not enough. God is merciful to the sinner, but only if he truly repents and alters his ways. Then His grace will overflow you.  Otherwise His judgment will overtake you. We Christians are very good at general, blurred recognition of sin, but we would rather not become too specific.
Whether the outcome can be good?

O Lord, I am a sinner! I have defied You and have been stubborn. You love me so much, and I have abused You as a forgiveness machine….. Lord, I am sorry!! Lord, I want to love You again and follow You hot and fervently, not as tepid as before!
Help me, Lord!

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