Sanctification – 2015.09.04

Sanctification – 2015.09.04

Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.
Hebrews 12:14

If we want to have community with God this are the requirements: peace and sanctification. Peace with ourselves, our neighbor, and with God and sanctification for God trough Jesus.
He is who makes us holy. He took upon himself and settled all sin that was piled up against us. If we are without sin, the wall between God and humans is gone. And than, we should live a sacred life – sacred to the Lord.
From time to time we should evaluate if we live according to Christ. Am I still truthful? Do I own all that is in my possession, or did I borrow something and did not return it? Did I live up to all promises I gave? Do I care for those who are entrusted to me? What pictures and movies do I watch? How do I think about others? How do I talk about others? Am I bitter about some injustice? Do I respect others? Can I humiliate myself and bow down to others like Jesus? What am I proud about? Do I want to govern and rule? Do I still act hurt? What do I long for, do I envy something? What goals do I have? Do I keep to the rules at work or do I conduct private business at work?
There are so many ways to become unsanctified. Holy Ghost, please examine me and show me where I am proud, envious, greedy, or cheap! Show me where sins keep me from living my life with Jesus! Show me where I do not live according to Christ! I will honor Your judgment and accept what You show me. I will repay the damages that I caused. I will humiliate myself and apologize, even if I have difficulty doing so because it is against my ego.
I will sanctify myself for Jesus, my Lord. He is supposed to rule my life. I give myself up for Him so I can live my life for Him to his honor! Never again I will soil myself with bad thoughts and never again I will fall into sin through my words or deeds! God is sacred and I want to be sacred as well.

Please Jesus, send Your Holy Spirit! He shall examine me if I am sacred of soiled with all different kinds of sin. Please bring Your order to my life! Please send Your Holy Spirit to guide my for that. I want to belong to You.

Bible reading today: Psalm 119:97-120

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