Sanctification  –  2020.06.23

Sanctification  –  2020.06.23

It is God’s will that you should be sanctified.
1. Thessalonians 4, 3

To know what sanctification is, we need to look at the life of Jesus here on earth. He was here as a human being, lived like a human being and is an example for us. Mostly we only know of His great words and deeds, but the kind of person He was is not so clear.
HE was very helpful and friendly. To everyone who was in need, even to prostitutes or lepers. He did not mind hugging them or letting them touch Him. HE had no false inhibitions, but moved freely. HE could easily cross social barriers without offending people, because love was His driving force.
HE was merciful. It is often said that when He saw a sick person, He had compassion.
HE attracted others. People surrounded Him all the time, and also the children loved being close to Him.
HE was firm in His opinion. HE did not let Himself be manipulated. He even hit his mother hard, because she wanted to tell him what to do. HE only let Himself be guided by the Holy Spirit, not by the opinion of the people.
HE was capable of suffering. All the suffering of the world He took upon Himself voluntarily, without complaining or moaning.
HE had a pure heart. No dirty fantasy or thought stained Him. Nor want or greed. HE rested in Himself and was very content with everything, no matter what there was to eat or where He had to sleep.
HE had much, much patience. From morning till evening He healed the sick without getting tired ….
HE had set habits. Every morning He got up early and went into solitude to talk with the Father. This was His source of strength.
HE never condemned, but did not hold back with criticism of the pious and hypocritical. He could also speak a serious word with the disciples when they showed little faith.
Just as Jesus was here on earth, so shall we become like him. This is only possible if we crucify our old self with its desires and wishes and let ourselves be ruled by the Spirit of God and remain in constant contact with Him, through prayer and Bible reading and through fellowship with the other brothers and sisters who strengthen and correct us.
The goal, sanctification, is what all people should strive to achieve, but the path to it is narrow, steep and difficult. Have courage, the LORD Himself will help us if we surrender ourselves completely to Him! For HE loves His children!

Lord, I would like to be like ​Y​ou. Please, change my heart, my character, my thinking, my feelings! I can’t do it alone, I need Your help! Thank You for always being willing to help!!

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