Self-condemnation  –  2019.12.29

Self-condemnation  –  2019.12.29

And forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
Matthew 6:12

Once I wanted to help someone with money, a fat bill, when he urgently needed it terribly lamenting. He was surprised and could not believe it: No, that is too much, I cannot accept that, he replied and continued lamenting.
It is the same with people with regard to their guilt in general. It depresses and torments them and they cry for help. Jesus comes and says: I forgive you, I take all that blame! But instead of accepting it they doubt: No, it cant be that simple, never! And they carry on being depressed.
Some blame themselves for the slightest guilt: Why we have been so stupid. How could we have done such nonsense! They torment themselves all night with these bad thoughts. They hold on to them and cannot believe that Jesus wants to take the guilt away from them. They rather prefer to work off the debt. Poor sinners!
Others ask daily for forgiveness for everything only to wallow in bad memories the worse. What a bad person I am! Nobody can love someone like me. They despise themselves and also cannot accept the love of others. They are hopelessly lost and captured in devil circles.
If we do not hand over our guilt to Jesus, He can do nothing! He died on the cross for that, paid the price. But He also sent us the Holy Spirit to understand that, to know that any attempt to clear the debt is an insult to Him. The Holy Spirit helps us to accept His forgiveness. Without Him self-condemnation remains. With Him there is joy and redemption! Without the Holy Spirit we cannot grasp the greatness of forgiveness. Only God
s Spirit will do it in our heart.

Thank You, Jesus, You died for me so that I do not suffer the penalty. That is too great for me to understand! It should be deeply anchored in my heart. I am free, the dept is paid! Please remind me that I thank You for that every morning. Yes I am f​r​ee, Hallelujah!

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