Sitting at Christ’s Feet – 2016.06.06

Sitting at Christ’s Feet – 2016.06.06

She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said.
Luke 10:39

Mary made good use of the situation. The Lord himself was there to visit and she wanted to know more from Him. So she listens to Him for hours and soaked in everything He said. His words healed her soul.
In contrast, Marta was busy. She had to serve Jesus and his disciples. She had to carry chairs around and fix some drinks… It’s a lot of work when all of a sudden 13 hungry men come for a visit! She wanted to serve Christ with all her soul and body and worked in the kitchen.
The Lord didn’t say Marta was wrong. He only said that Mary made the better choice. He wasn’t on earth to be served, but to serve! He wanted to serve people so it was right that Mary sat down and listened.
The constant ‘you have to’ can end a relationship with Christ. We don’t need Jesus when – because no one else is doing it – we always have to do something. We don’t need Him because we do everything by ourselves. The ‘have to’ is like the lash of the law which keeps us unfree, in stress, and way from the mercy of the Lord.
When Mary sat at Christ’s feet He could talk to her. She listened to Him and He healed her heart. He healed all her injuries that she got from her life and other people. He took all her bitterness and all self-pity from her. He took the ‘you have to’ and replaced it with mercy. Mary changed and became an other person full of joy about Gods mercy, full of thanks for her liberation, full of peace about her life, and full of love for Jesus and the heavenly father.
Only at the feet of Christ we can find this heavenly love, the godly yes to us, peace with ourselves, and limitless joy.
Is your heart hurt? Are you lonely? Nobody understands you? Do you have too much work? You can’t find a moment of silence anymore? Are you drowning in problems? Come and sit at the feet of the Lord and listen to Him.

Thank You Jesus, for it is not Your will for us to serve You but You want to serve us. I don’t have to do everything, but I can talk to You about everything. I can have company with You and give all my disputes to You. Those times of silent company are priceless!

Bible reading today: 2. Timothy 3:1-17

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