“Small, weak, insignificant” – 2016.10.30

“Small, weak, insignificant” – 2016.10.30

But you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, are by no means least among the rulers of Judah;​ ​
for out of you will come a ruler who will shepherd my people Israel.
Matthew 2:6

What have Harry Potter und Bethlehem in common? They both are small and insignificant. And why the children like Harry Potter? Because they themselves feel so small and insignificant, and are helplessly exposed to everything. And yet they wish to be great, strong, and significant! Therefore they like to play with computer games because here as small and weak kids they are the winners in the battle against the evil and can save the world. So are the dreams of the small, insignifant, weak, and unobserved.
Bethlehem was such a trist town. There really was nothing special. And yet God chose such a small town. For He likes the small, weak, insignificant, There the Savior of the world should be born, Jesus who really saved the world.
We do not need to retreat into the pseudo-world of Harry Potter, or into any other virtual world of computer games. We have the privilege to bind ourselves to Jesus who chooses the small, the weak and the insignificant. He makes them great! This is His favorite hobby. There had been so many heroes in the kingdom of God who started very small and insignificant. Now it is our turn!
In the eyes of Jesus you are already now very very important and significant. His Yes to us is giving that what we are so much longing for : Acknowledgement, acceptance, love, friendship, sense and hope. He wants to be in the hearts of the weak to make him strong. He wants to bring down the mighty and the powerful. He lifted up Gideon out of nothing, made him courageous so that he became a great heroe. Hudson Taylos became famous. Abraham became the father of many people having had no son up to his 100th year. King David was the youngest and smallest in his family and yet became king. This list could be continued until now.
If we are one with Jesus, God can use us. If we humble ourselves and live in total dependence of Him, God can entrust us much. There are many Christian works and missions which started very small. This should encourage us to start our works.
Thank You, Jesus, You have great plans and thoughts for us. You trust that we do great. You will empower us with the Holy Spirit to fulfill. Thank You, that You are with me, encourage and help me.

Bible reading today – John 17: 9-19

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