Spiritual climate change​ – 2019.07.12​

Spiritual climate change​ – 2019.07.12​

Jesus says:
I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it was already kindled!
Luke 12, 49

The earth is getting warmer and warmer, the ice is melting, the floods are getting higher and higher, flooding the land.
It should not be like that!! But spiritually it should absolutely be like that!
Our hearts should not remain cold like blocks of ice, they should burn for our beloved Lord. Love is cold in many; – by repentance and turning to the Lord, love could be refreshed and become hot again as it was then, in the days when it was young. Hot love, Jesus likes it! Cold doctrine, cool considerations and cold religiosity, that is hateful to Him.
The hotter the Christians become in worship and love for Jesus, the more the ice will melt.
It is the iciness of these cold hearts. So many people barricade themselves to others so that they can no longer be hurt. Only Jesus’ love and forgiveness can heal them! So many people are coldly mindful of their advantage; only Jesus can seize them and make them alive again. The love of Jesus can melt every block of ice. And our hot prayers are absolutely necessary.
Let us first be seized again by Jesus’ love for us, and then answer Him with hot love and worship, and then take His view of things and His view of our fellow human beings, and then we pray heated and intimate prayers for ourselves and for our fellow human beings, and then Jesus hears and melts the ice, and then the flood rises, and then the land is flooded by the knowledge of the Lord. – Wonderful times will come!
Jesus’ fire burns away all pain. It thaws away the ice of our soul. It awakens us to new life. It burns away guilt and dirt. It enables us to have intimate fellowship with others and redeems us from loneliness. Oh fire of God, come!

Jesus, let my heart burn for You! Forgive me, sometimes I am too lazy and comfortable, sometimes I hide behind old wounds …. Lord, I want to live! I want to burn for You! You are worth it because You loved me first.

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