Spiritual dying  –  2019.11.14

Spiritual dying  –  2019.11.14

Look, the hand of the Lord is not too short,
to help,
His ear isn’t hard of hearing,
so he won’t hear.
No, what stands between you and your God,
these are your offenses;
your sins cover His face,
so He won’t hear you.
Isaiah 59, 1f.

A hard word! – and this is supposed to be a promise? Yes, it is a promise, because He wants to help so much, He wants to hear, and He wants to forgive our sin so badly! It is a description of the state of affairs, an inventory of why so little of God can be noticed in our lives and in our churches. And that is to change, that is what God wants!
It is rarely the gross sins such as theft, not paying debts, slander, lies,
Adultery or murder. These sins are always equally obvious to us and we know immediately that we are living in sin.
It is often something completely different. We do not keep the first commandment: I am the LORD your God. Thou shalt have no other gods beside me.
We have created for ourselves a multitude of other gods, unfortunately, on whom we place our trust.
Imagine the wheel of a bicycle. In the middle is the hub or axle, there are the spokes running around and outside is the round tire. The axle, the center and the goal is Jesus Christ. If we are in the center, everything is good. The spokes are our way to the Lord or away from Him. And the tire is the course of the world with its religions.
Some convert from a totally unbelieving life to Jesus and are immediately in the center. And after a few years they cultivate the traditions, no longer thank Jesus alone, but find many other things interesting as well. Jesus is still Lord, but only 30 or 50 or 80 percent. Jesus is very sad there and the Holy Spirit grieves and inhibits. This is the main reason for so much powerlessness of the individual Christians and churches.
There is only one solution: repentance, to the center, back to 100% Jesus! This is not always easy and can cost a lot of struggle with our surroundings and in our thoughts. But HE is worth it! Think from what height you fell, how hot your love for Him was! Think of the full life when you were still 100% with the Lord!

Thank You Jesus, You are waiting for me to come back to You completely. You forgive me, for You are patient, patient, kind and merciful. You want me back! Lord, show me where I have compromised!!

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