Stars and humans – 21.06.2016

Stars and humans – 21.06.2016

He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.
Psalm 147:4

The Lord created the Heavens and the Earth, there is nothing He didn’t made. And He put a lot of work into every detail, He even name every star. There are so many stars no one knows the exact number, there are only ruff estimates. Today, there are so many people alive no one knows the exact numbers. But the Lord knows exactly how many people there are – He even knows every one of them.
He counted every star so He knew they where complete. He named every star, why shouldn’t He care as much about every tiny human?
Yes, He is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. So there is no difference if He controls the stars and planets or the atoms and molecules. He takes care about everything.
Someone who believes coincidences have made everything must have a strong believe – or they don’t want to believe in a creation by God.
It’s nice to know God made everything including you and me. He didn’t just create us but he takes care of us. Just like with the star, which He counts, names, and looks after.
God is love, compassion, perfection, joy … Like this, He created the universe and every single human. We are a picture and a product of His love. Without His will we wouldn’t be here. And today He regularly checks up on us. If someone is missing He searches for them. Only when that person is back with Him the joy is complete again.
God takes care about every star and every human. We can trust Him to make everything well.
We can and must thank Him for calling us into life. He has beautiful plans for us and together with Him our life will succeed.

Thank You Jesus, for You put some effort with me! Thank You for creating me! You know my name and You look after me – I can trust You! Together we should go through life, because You have great plans for me.

Bible reading today: Hebrews 8:1-13

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