Starting all over again​ – 2019.06.18​

Starting all over again​ – 2019.06.18​

The old order of things has passed away. He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new.”
Revelation 21, 4f.

So many people today would do everything differently if they could start all over again. So many are ashamed of their mistakes, they would never repeat them. So many regret having ended up on the wrong path. So many regret their lives or at least large parts of them. Oh, if only you could start all over again, like with Monopoly: Back to Start!
So many would like to hide parts of their lives which were particularly embarrassing, where they became victims, where they were ashamed, where they became murderers ….. If only one could cut out these scenes like in a film!
So many are numbing themselves with sleeping pills, psycho-pharmaceutic drugs, alcohol, drugs or sex, so that they finally have rest, peace, fulfillment or something else. They lack true contentment, meaning in life, and actually everything that makes life worth living.
So many wander from one to the other in search of what they are looking for. They know something is missing, but they do not know what. And so they go to the Guru, to the priest, to seminars, read bestselling books, surrender to certain philosophies or religions, and in the end are disappointed.
Yes, and then comes Jesus Christ. He says: “I will wipe the tears off your face. I will heal your desecrated soul, take away the pain, erase the sin, mistakes and shame. I love you as you are. I want you, at my side, as my friend and child, I want you! I’ll make everything, really everything new in your life. That is not too hard for me, because I am the living God. I sit on the throne of the universe, everything is possible for me. I can also make your life new, meaningful. I can bring you fulfilment and contentment, peace, joy and real love. Come, pour out your heart to me! Let me sit on the throne of your heart and rule you; – for I love you.

Thank You Jesus! Yes, come and make me completely new! A little bit new is not enough, I must become completely new! Thank You, for loving me, accepting me and giving me what I miss so much. Yes, You are wonderful!

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Be blessed, frank

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