Strong despite Weakness – 2014.07.27

Strong despite Weakness – 2014.07.27

Finally, build up your strength in union with the Lord and by means of his mighty power!
Ephesians 6, 10

Today we see Paul as the great apostle who has won half the world for the Gospel and who wrote letters about the gospel of Christ. We admire him and think he is great.
But he himself did not feel so. In the letters he repeatedly writes about his weakness and disease. Again and again he suffered beatings, imprisonment and persecution. No, he did not consider himself as a strong hero. But he hang on to Jesus Christ loyally; – Because for him his election through Jesus was a real miracle of God’s love. At first he persecuted the Christians and was pleased when Stephen was stoned. And yet Jesus called him out, chose him and purified him from guilt and educated him. Paul put all his hope in Jesus! He was everything to him, because everything else he had tried without success. He no longer believed in any doctrine, but in Jesus.
Because Paul thought so little about himself, Jesus could use him. Several times Paul had complained about his weakness. He wanted to be strong! But Jesus said to him: My strength is in thee; in your weakness I am strong! Paul accepted Jesus’ sake and no longer asked for own strength. So Jesus could do great wonders through him. For he knew that Paul does not want to own honor, but wants to glorify Jesus and do His will!
So we can be strong: Looking away from ourselves to Him, who can let his power work in us. The more we get to know Jesus, the more confidence grows in us, the more His power can form our life. We want to seek His face, to give Him the glory for everything and try to recognize His will and to do. Then Jesus’ power will rise up in us, and He can make use of us.

Thank you, Jesus, I am dependent from You and not from my own strength. In so many little things You show me that You can do everything much better than I can. Yes, I will trust You and act after Your will! Make me a humble tool in Your strong hand!

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