Temptation  –  220.07.08

Temptation  –  220.07.08

The devil said to Jesus:
I will give You all the authority and splender of all the kingdoms of the world;
for it has all been given to me and I can give it to anyone I want to.
If You worship me , it will be yours.
Luke 4:6f

We can rejoice, Jesus had resisted and denied this offer.
It is true, we live in a fallen creation where the sin rules, the rebellion against God, where there are death, ruination, egoism and brutality, deseases,suffering, and hunger. Our creation urgently needs salvation!  What about us? So many Christians have been deceived by the devil. He promises so much! Just like he did it with Jesus: If you kneel before me and worship me then everything will be yours….- The desaster will follow, deep in the mud they will sink. In the beginning they really believe that salvation can be obtained elsewhere than from Jesus. They buy expensive health pills, eat diet food trusting that this will overcome deseases like cancer and guarantee happiness and health. It is like a religion for them.
Others are running from conference to conference hoping that one short prayer from a well-known preacher will heal them, or change their life. They pray for their countrys salvation, for wisdom in the parties... and forget that only Jesus in us is the Savior.
Some believe in school medicine as if it were divine. Others swear by healing methods of charlatans who promise all. They all need Jesus. When will you finally turn back to Him, your Healer and Savior?
As said above all power is given to Satan. He makes full use of it and destroys, confuses. He knows people weaknesses and how to seduce them. Do not run with the blind crowd led by the devil. There is no hope for you! Swim against the main streams!
We have to stand on the rock of faith, need a strong living relationship with Jesus to withstand the wordly pressure and temptations. His Spirit will show us where the devil has seduced us and releasement will come.
Our world is in deep trouble and great confusion. Only in Jesus is the truth. He alone can put everything right that all will turn out to be a blessing. Only with Him we can be victorious.
Let us bow down before God and worship Him. This was the answer of Jesus to the above devil
s temptation. From Him we may expect everything, power and splendor. For Him we will do everything to build up His kingdom. A hard work that pleases God. Let us start together with Him!

Thank You, Jesus, you do not let me fall blindly to the devis`s temptations. You show me the right way. Together with You I can uncover sin in time and reject it. My Redeemer, with You I truly can enjoy life!

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