Temptations and the old man – 2014.10.08

"Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."
Matthew 26:41
Some talk as if every misfortune and every sin is sent by the satan. But this is not true. We have our weak spots where the enemy attacks us. Our old self, our flesh does not completely obey Jesus. If we still flirt with our old ways, the enemy always tries to trap us.
In the areas where we live by faith in Jesus the enemy will not attack us and try us. But if one is proud he will get into the trap of the pride. If one is always guided by his feelings, the enemy will use them to bring the person astray. Whoever works by his own strength, he will fall down. Who does not know the difference between Mine and Yours, will vanish.
If we are vigilant and keep talking with Jesus, He will show us our weak points. Then we can pass them Him and put under His rule so that every area of ​​our life would be ruled by the Spirit of God and not by the old, weak flesh.
It is enormously important that we deny our own power and will, and make ourselves humble before God. It is much much easier to live by His power! We will do our best and He makes then what we can not. We ourselves want to be careful not to fall and we want to have full trust in Jesus that He keeps us.
Jesus wants to live through us. He wants a very close-knit fellowship with us, because He knows how much we are dependent on Him and He on us. It should be a real love relationship and not an employer-employee contract. As long as we trust in ourselves, we do not trust in Him.
Thank you, Jesus, that You live in me! The old me, my flesh is pretty weak. So often I do what I want and I go my way. I do not manage alone what you want and what is good. But you have patience with me and help me to walk with you on the right path. Thank you for your Good Spirit!

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