Terrible Judgement  –  2020.10.27

Terrible Judgement  –  2020.10.27

It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
Hebrews 10, 31

God is the creator. HE designed and made everything in love. And HE is the judge who judges us according to how we have lived and whether we have remained faithful to Him. How many of us have given Him the cold shoulder! How many of us have laughed at Him! How many of us have twisted His commandments and turned them into selfishness! How many of us have ridiculed His Commandments and made commandments of “freedom” for themselves so that they could sin with impunity and still drag others into it! Mankind as a whole has failed miserably before God. It has not remained faithful to its mission, but has set itself its own goals, thus setting God aside.
When the rain fell and the water rose, God did not laboriously fish people out of the water, dry them and carefully put them into Noah’s Ark. When the fire fell on Sodom, He did not stop it. When the concentration camps were full and the gas chambers full of corpses, He turned away. (HE accompanied the children and pulled them to Himself, but He let anger and death go).
God was angry, because His own people were content with dead rituals and the upkeep laws and traditions, instead of seeking His heart. HE was so tired of it!
And how is it today? Where do you stand? Is God our Judge, who turns around so that the wicked can carry on with their doings?
How good it is to be able to cling to Jesus. There is no other way to escape the judgment; – God is too angry. But if we have Jesus in us, if Jesus is our intercessor, if Jesus has cleansed us from our sins, then even the righteous Judge has mercy.
Place your trust in Jesus! HE will save you from all your troubles and HE will save you from the wrath of God! With every accusation leveled against you, HE will say: I have suffered the punishment, man is free to go ….
Receive Jesus into your heart, as King and Saviour. HE alone is our Saviour.

Thank You Jesus, You died for me, so that I can live! You have taken the wrath of God upon You, so that it does not strike me. Thank You for the redemption and the salvation!

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