The 3 wise men of the East – 2019.06.26

The 3 wise men of the East – 2019.06.26

On coming to the house, the 3 wise men of the East saw the child with his mother Mary,​ ​and they bowed down and worshiped Him.​ ​Then they opened their treasures and presented Him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
Matthew 2:11

The 3 wise men and astrologers of the East had seen a special star in the sky. They knew that extraordinary events in the starry sky have often a supernatural meaning. Gods sometimes speaks to us through star constellations. That has nothing to do with fortune telling or horoscopes.
These 3 wise men may have consulted with each other perhaps remembering the pophet Daniel who had fortold the year of Jesus` birth. They came to the conclusion that a very great king was born! So they set out to honor Him. They were on the road for weeks until the star stopped over the hut.They knew that they now were at their destination and found Jesus and His mother. They fell down on their knees and worshiped Him, gave Him their gifts, precious presents.
Yes, they spared no effort, had walked a long way, did everything to find Jesus. And I? I think about driving 30klm on Sunday to attend the service. Should I really sacrifice the time for it.There is so much more pleasant to do! Sometimes I am too tired to read the Bible, to talk to Jesus. Oh, should I rather not look at the 3 wise men, take them as a good example?
The 3 wise men they bow down before the great King. And I am sitting comfortably here! In the church I have problems to stand upright for a long time to worship Him. They have made themselves fresh put on their best clothes. And I have problems getting out of bed, do not even wash my face and come in jeans. Not that Jesus cares about clothes! But the 3 wise men brought with them the best they had. And I myself, I give most a few coins, paper money is too much for me!
Oh, should I not give Him by best!!! Should I not give Him more reverence and worship, more time? He is worth it! He is the King of Kings. Should I not seek Him more?  More intense, more persistent! Should I not investigate more time and thoughts with Him, have more quiet time with Him, more fellowship?

Oh, Jesus, I am afraid I have to apologize to You. whilst You have given all to me I was somewhat lazy and uncaring. Sorry, I definitely will change and let You be totally my Master.

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