The basis of salvation  –  2020.06.04

The basis of salvation  –  2020.06.04

HE was pierced for our transgressions,
He was crushed for our iniquities.
the punishment that brought us peace, was on Him,
and by His wounds we are healed.
Isaiah 53, 5

Jesus has cleared the way for us to come before God. He has made peace between God and man. He paid for sin and bore the punishment. HE has acquired justice, also for us. It is HE who makes us free from guilt, bad conscience, evil bonds, fear of death, worries and need. HE is the salvation from all that oppresses us.
The basis of salvation is forgiveness. This is the basis and our remedy: the blood of Jesus Christ.
Every conflict can be solved if we forgive. The worst marriage war is ended by mutual forgiveness. The cannibals in New Guinea stopped slaughtering their own when forgiveness gained ground with them. The bad dreams stop when we start to forgive. The most bitter wounds are healed when we forgive.
Even with ourselves, we can be reconciled by finally accepting Jesus’ forgiveness for ourselves. And the bitter reproaches against God and the evil fate stop when I ask for forgiveness, that I appear as a judge and owe Him thanks for all good things.
Forgiveness sets God’s hand in motion. Then He can finally comfort us, give us new courage, give us joy and peace and heal our hard, bitter heart. Unforgiveness blocks God’s action on us. So we never get into the blessing He has for us.
Ask God to show you where you should forgive. Little by little He will show you more and more and smaller things, so that your life will become free to live. Your heart will become soft and pleasant for others. It is a hard way, full of humility and pain over old wounds, but it is the way on which Jesus is at our side. HE is wonderful!

Thank You Jesus, You have helped me to forgive and I don’t hold a grudge against anybody. Thank You for this freedom! I don’t want bitterness in me! I want the redemption and the new life You give. Thank You.

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