The best wine  –  2021.02.04

The best wine  –  2021.02.04

You have saved the best wine till now.
Gospel of John 2, 10

John does not report many miracles of Jesus, but only a few. And when he reports this miracle, this sign of Jesus, it is certainly for a very good reason.
The story describes how, at a wedding, the wine ran out and Jesus made wine out of water. And not sparingly, but about 600 litres! The chef complained: “Everybody gives the good wine first, and when the people are drunk, the cheap wine comes. But you saved the good wine for last!”
The wine is an image of the Holy Spirit. The water stands for the Word. People today are fed up with the thin, watery soup, they don’t want it any more. The dry word is not enough. They want more! They want life! And that is why Jesus gives the Holy Spirit, who makes the Word alive, who awakens faith, who works miracles, who glorifies Jesus. Throughout the history of Christians there has always been the Holy Spirit, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker. At times it seemed as if there was no life left in the church. For some years God has been granting new and deeper knowledge about faith, and the Holy Spirit has been working more and more powerfully and deeply. Just before Jesus comes again, the Spirit will work most powerfully and draw thousands, perhaps millions, to Jesus. Then there is a strong spiritual battle between light and darkness, but the light wins; – Jesus is simply the stronger.
This good wine, the best, Jesus has saved for us. We should enjoy the best wine!
This should also apply to our personal lives: The best wine comes at the end. We should grow in knowledge and faith until the end. Then Jesus will shine and work most strongly through us. He will be closest to us. So we can rejoice: The best wine for us is yet to come! We have rosy prospects for the future!!!
Those who remain sitting on the sofa do not need much from the Holy Spirit. Nor do ordinary churchgoers need much Holy Spirit. But those who let themselves be called to serve Jesus need much, much strength and spirit! They get the best wine!

Jesus, equip Your servants with Your power and wisdom, with Your Holy Spirit! He is the wine, the power of God, wisdom, courage and strength! Yes, Lord, we need the best wine, because time is running out! Make us courageous witnesses for You!

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