The blessing and the curse of work – 2015.01.21

"He will comfort us in the labor and painful toil of our hands caused by the ground the Lord has cursed."
Genesis 5:29
Lamech had a son named Noah which means calmness. He hoped that his son brought salvation. However, the Redeemer was born later. His name is Jesus. It is Jesus who leads us in the kingdom of piece. He will give us the universal deliverence – also solve all our daily problems. It was the disobedience of man, his badness and debt which caused the curse of God. On the other hand it is the justice and forgiveness of Jesus which opened the door to the land of piece where the blessings of God reign. How much people have to struggle for their daily bread! Hoch much they fight by all means for money and career. If we live within the blessings of God we do not need to worry any longer and to use our elbows to get to the top. Gods blessing is more than the best relationship with the kings of this world.
Jesus will redeem us from the curse lying on the soil that means from the fight for our daily bread. Let us put all our concerns in His powerful hands as He is taking care of us with passion. So we say goodbye to all our fear and unrest which only will rob our sleep. Let us enter instead the land of peacefulness. Jesus is always near us to bless our work.
He likes to bless our journey and wish to show us where our place is. Totally relaxed we may can go our way if He only holds our hands. He is arranging everything for us. We are safe as long as we are covered by His grace. Therefore please stay near by Him take His outstreched hands, rest in His heart and learn to listen to His voice and obey. He knows that we often do that imperfectly and therefore has patience with us. He forgives our mistakes and get us gently on the right path again. Therefore I have not to fold my arms and do nothing. No, I should work as if I do that for the Lord Himselve even if I have bad employers. He will give me the power and piece to do that with joy.
He brings everything in harmony and balance: work and rest... precaution and trust. God
s order will rule. How wonderful that my Redeemer lives!
Thank you, Jesus, You are so good to me! You put things in good order which are beyond my control. Only with You I can work in piece. You take care about everything. Please forgive me if unrest, worry, and fear will arise in me again. I rather prefer to go with You and to live with Your blessings. You are truly good to me.

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