The Blessing of Forgiving  –  2020.06.24

The Blessing of Forgiving  –  2020.06.24

If we walk in the light,
as He is in the light,
we have fellowship with one another,
and the blood of Jesus, His Son,
purifies us from all sin.
1 John 1:7

Jesus came to bring us peace, He wants that peace reigns which overcomes strife, lies, dafamation, condemantion, bitterness, aggression, self-pity, and all injuries with their sad reactions. He is aware about how much parents, teachers, educators,bosses and collegues can disappoint, can abuse and hurt us. He gave us everything that we may have peace, are healed and bring peace to others. How can we be a blessing, when we still have not overcome the past?
In the light of Jesus we first must perceive the injuries and injustices that has been done to us. We suffer severe pains and look for the bitter roots of these bad fruits.
When we truly realize that we have been wrongly treated then we are faced with a decision: Do we fight back or do we follow Jesus and forgive as He has forgiven.It has to be a clear, sober decision. I wish is not sufficient! In the name of Jesus we forgive, do not seek revenge, do not ask for reparation. We leave the judgement to the Lord.
Once forgiveness lives in my heart God begins to show me all my carnal reactions which leads to a constant healing process.
I see that my parents have misused my trust and that I have therefore difficulties to trust others which of course is not pleasing our Lord. He gives me healing that I no longer will hurt others.
When I forgive I receive forgiveness. My willingness to forgive is checked again and again which is challenging. But God will help me thereby : When I forgive , I receive forgiveness!
If bitterness and self-pity have been overcome God can go with us a further, a third step: He wants me not only to forgive the guilty person, but also to pray for him , bless him, and wish him all the best. I then am glad to see that I really do not wish him anything more bad, nothing but God`s protection and blessing. What a great relief for me! So God will lead me on, give me peace, that I can pass same on to others.
This God will bless and there will be forgiveness, reconciliation, peace forever. His presence then is tangible with joy, freedom and piece.

Thank You, Jesus, You help me to forgive. You are the source of my decision, You give me a pure heart, a heart of peace, reconciliation, fotgiveness. So I can be God`child who receives His blessing and pass it on to others.

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