The Blessing of Tears – 2016.10.20

The Blessing of Tears – 2016.10.20

Those who sow with tears
​ ​
will reap with songs of joy.
Those who go out weeping,
carrying seed to sow,
will return with songs of joy,
carrying sheaves with them
Psalm 126, 5f.

God promises many blessings to those who cry a lot! He does not have a hard heart, so that it would not matter to him. He counts every tear and keeps them in a special pitcher.
It is not the tears of self-pity. There are tears of hot prayers for the suffering in the world and the tears of intercession for our loved ones. God has promised to hear a prayer, because it is in the sense of Jesus.
How much suffering has many a mother saves her child because she has prayed! How many young men have been preserved because Mama has accompanied them in prayer! How many girls have a good, happy family because mother clasped her hands! How many found Jesus the Redeemer, because the parents were on their knees! God has promised that He hears our prayer for the children. He protects and surrounds it, HE will bless their work, He helps them everywhere.
Some Mother prays with tears in her eyes, because the children are apparently gone astray. But God is often quite different. He cares, because the tears are precious to him. He has one goal with the children and does not always bless them with a successful life, but can they experience some difficulties. They should find the father!
How much God listens to the earnest prayers of His children! How many accidents have been prevented, how much diseases cured, suffering nursed and protection given! Let us think upon Abraham, as he wrestled with God about the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Yes, God will have mercy! Therefore take heart, make the tired knee solid again ,directly to look up and pray for our world! They that sow in tears shall reap with rejoicing!
He has promised that we will collect the fruit and sheaves of prayer. It is not little that our prayer brings! God hears, perhaps not always to the letter, our requests, but He responds and always pays attention to our request. Let me encourage you again to continue to pray! You will see the fruit.
Thank you, Jesus, you pray for us! Where could I find a better advocate than you? You always put in a good word for me with the Father. You do not hold grudges and will never get tired. You’re my guardian and protector!

Bible Reading Today: John 14: 1 – 14

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