The building of the community  –  2021.01.14

The building of the community  –  2021.01.14

Because my house is in ruins….
Haggai 1, 9

“You expected much, but see, it turned out to be little; what you brought home, i blew away. Why? – Says the LORD. Because of my house, which remains a ruin, while each of you is busy with your own house.” – That’s the whole verse.
And that’s how I see it in many churches. People look after their own welfare and what remains for the community is only what is absolutely necessary or what can be dispensed with. It should not be like that! Just imagine if God treated us the way we treat Him! We would be in a really bad way!
God wants first place in our lives. If He has to share this place with anything, He goes away. And what happened to the ancient Israelites happens: one drought after another, one bad harvest after another, locusts, storms and many misfortunes, a purse full holes; – misery and distress. The land was not blessed at all. Whatever they did, it failed.
But the Israelites were warned and began to rebuild the old temple. And God said, “Take heed: today you have begun to rebuild my temple. And from this day forth I will bestow blessings. The land will be fertile again, the locusts will come no more and your purses will have no more holes.
Hold on to God, and honour Him with the best of your life! HE needs the place of honour, even in your diary. His commandment applies more than short-term enrichment through lies and deceit. And then you will experience the blessing. HE will carry you through, His provision is good and plentiful. Your wallet will no longer have holes and your car will rarely break down. Yes, HE gives blessings from today on, if you seek His glory.

Thank You Jesus, for giving everything for me. I don’t want to be stingy, but also give You everything I have. Everything is at Your disposal, it is to honour You: My possessions, my car, my time and energy. Thank You, You take great care of me!!!

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