The Ceiling of Darkness  –  2021.03.11

The Ceiling of Darkness  –  2021.03.11

And the earth was desolate and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
Genesis 1, 2

Similar conditions can be found in many countries: Desolate and empty, darkness over the land. It may even be the same for many people, – their lives are desolate and empty, and darkness lies over them.
This verse is from the account of Creation. It goes like this:
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, but the earth was desolate and empty …
Everything was dark and cold, there was no order, no light, nothing. But God brought order into the chaos. First He called for light, and immediately there was light. That was good!
Everything that comes to the light leaves behind the darkness. No matter if it is our earth, our nation or ourselves. Whoever comes to Jesus comes to the light, and Jesus brings to the light the things that form this blanket of darkness over us. HE has much hope for the earth, our people and for us!
Light is His answer to many of our hardships.
But we prefer to remain silent. This country here is stricken with alcoholism and the highest suicide rate, it is dominated by superstition and fortune tellers. Why? Blame this blanket of darkness that lies over the land. People don’t talk about it, or only very discreetly.
It is not hard to ask forgiveness for our gross sins. But the blanket of darkness often doesn’t really go away, or perhaps it only goes away temporarily, and then comes back. We have to dig deeper. The sins of our ancestors and the sins of our people affect us too. Again and again I come across certain words when I pray for people: persecution of Jews, brutality, murder, divination, abortion. When I ask forgiveness for these sins of the ancestors and set people free from them, miracles often happen and they really become free. Hope, light and faith break through.
Let us also repent for our people. For terrible things happened during the war that burden us to this day, and that form this blanket of darkness over our country. Let us be personally affected because those were our fathers and mothers and grandparents. Through repentance the blanket of darkness is torn apart, there is no other way. Our evangelism will not succeed as long as darkness has the right to strike our land with blindness.
On your knees, fighters for the Lord! This is the only way we will be victorious!

Thank You, Jesus, for forgiving every sin that we bring into the light. You are the light that shall shine into our darkness. Lord, forgive our sins! Forgive us for being so heartless and brutal! Forgive us for closing our eyes, ears and hearts today! Forgive our people for mistreating Your people so!

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