The comfort of Israel  –  2020.09.17

The comfort of Israel  –  2020.09.17

And behold, there lived in Jerusalem a man named Simeon. This man was righteous and pious and waited for the comfort of Israel, and the Holy Spirit rested upon him.
Luke 2, 25

It is interesting how a real man is described here in very few words, a God-fearing man who was very, very close to the heart of God. One of God’s favorites to whom He confided secrets.
The consolation of Israel is Jesus, – for whom Simeon was waiting. He did not wait for the six right ones in the lottery, not for a good mood with his wife, not for special offers for vacations, not for an end to the epidemic, not for this and not for that. (What are you waiting for?)
He was waiting for comfort, because he needed comfort in life. Just like me. Sometimes I think I have struggled in vain and everything collapses and nothing remains; – worked in vain, lived in vain.
Then comes the thought that it is not my business to produce fruit. We shall sow the word, and water the land, and fertilize it, and pull up weeds, but weather and growth are in God’s hands alone. I am silent in the presence of the LORD, and He puts His comfort in my heart. It doesn’t take long until His Word works and I have new courage and even rejoice: HE is Lord, not I; – how good!
His consolation works very, very deeply. His consolation changes thinking and feeling. His consolation changes the view on a thing. Then we no longer seek guilty people, then no thoughts of revenge come up, then the peace of God comes into the heart.
Sometimes it is difficult for me to leave everything to God. I see the injustice very clearly. And I am indignant. But none of this helps, it only makes me restless, grumpy and bitter. Then I have to remember it again: I have left everything to God, even my revenge, even all the “stupid coincidences,” which were against me. Also the lies that are spread, and all the talk about me. To leave everything to Him, that is sometimes quite difficult.
But when I have won the battle and really left everything to Him, I often see things with His eyes and marvel at His wisdom. Then everything seems right to me. And then I become calm and confident again: Yes, HE is my comfort; – and I often need this comfort quite urgently.
Consolation has the meaning that someone is lifted up again. It does not remain only with pitying, but has effects, is a giving of courage, a getting up again.

Thank You Jesus, you are my consolation! You lift me up again, give me new courage and direct my feet and thoughts to new, good goals! Thank You!

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