The crown of life  –  2019.09.13

The crown of life  –  2019.09.13

Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.
Revelation 2, 10

The goal of life ….. yes, what is it? Why do I live, where is the journey going? Or am I a comfort zone, thinking that this will go on for eternity? – Jesus is the Lord of life, He can give us the crown of life or not, depending on whether we want it or not.
What is my life worth? What do I use it for? What do I strive for? Just for retirement or a new car? For children, spouses, parents or other ideals? – Jesus wants to be the goal, harmony with Him and intimate fellowship with the Creator of the universe and heaven; – to become one with Him. This is the life for which we are programmed. Only there do we find fulfillment in abandon.
I have given my life to the Lord, for He left His life for me. His love envelops me every day anew. A day without Him is a lost day. How could I withhold anything from Him? Everything belongs to Him: my material things, my time, my energy, my health and even my life – it is in His strong, gentle hand. I trust Him, for only He has never disappointed me.
I want to remain faithful to Him in life and death. I think of the brothers and sisters in North Korea and elsewhere who are in torture camps in the name of their Lord and who are murdered, of the Christians who have to go back to the Islamic states and disappear there …. faithful to the death. Would I be able to do that? But God assures me: It is like Stephen who was stoned for Jesus. God had him firmly in his hand and Stephen saw the sky open and Jesus standing before the throne. Perhaps he felt nothing of the stones, but was blessed in the Lord. (cf. Acts 7, 54ff.)
I think of the brothers and sisters I saw die. What peace there was! What a blessed expectation lay in their eyes! Yes, if the Lord is so close to me in the face of death, then I too can die quietly, in Jesus’ hand, in His hand. He carries me.

Yes Lord, I will remain faithful to You all my life. And when the hour comes, then You will be faithful to me. Thank You for this knowledge and this security, which drives away all fear. Thank You, You are there!! Thank You, You are the Lord!

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