The defeated enemy – 2016.07.10

The defeated enemy – 2016.07.10

The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.
1 John 3:8

Wars and chaos reigns! We see and hear it daily in the news and around us. The devil seems to be able to do what he wants: Death, lies, cheating, immorality prevail in all respect and are publicly acceptable. And what about us Christians? It seems as if we would be only a small and poor bunch of people living helplessly in this situation.
We have to take a look back in the history of the Old Testament. After having created the earth God entrusted same to men who lost the dominion to the enemy. In other words they were now against God and ruled by the evil. Since that time the history of all the nations was cruel, full of wars and killing, destructions, and ruinations. But God never had left us alone. Finally Jesus came. He was fully man to whom God had entrusted the world. Only a perfect human being could win back the earth for the Heavenly Father. Jesus died on the cross in expiation of all sins which ever had been done by men. He defeated the enemy and passed the dominion again to God. Since that moment the door to the Kingdom of God is open for all brothers and sisters who follow Jesus. They now occupy on and on the territory of the enemy. The enemy is continuously losing territories by the power of Jesus, the Redeemer. If Jesus is in us, we belong to His army, which defeats the enemy. He had appeared to destroy the devil’s work. And He does it with power!
Jesus wants to fight this battle through us. We would save much more souls in His name if we would place ourselves entirely at His disposal. He must dwell in us more and more to be effective. So often we give Him too little room. Our trust is limited and our gratefulness too small. And we are not specially expecting the return of the King.
The arms we have are strong. They are not made of steel, they are spiritual arms of the Holy Spirit: Forgiving, mercifulness, prayer, thankfulness, joy, God’s word. If we apply these weapons, Jesus can act through us and thus the will of God can be done here on earth. Yes, we will make free the way for Him that He can do His work.
He will set free the captives. He will abolish the corruption, will establish justice in the state. He wants to bring joy, gratitude, and peace, wants to have merciful services, wants to heal the thick and the heavy laden. He wants to restore everything what the enemy has destroyed. Yes Lord, come soon!
Also above the prayers like this one should be a tiny sword to liberate the bound, to spread the truth of the love and power of God, to encourage the children of God to live a strong meaningful life praising the name of Jesus.

Thank You, Jesus, You defeated the enemy! When You are in me and I in You we together are winners. Yes, in You I am protected against the enemy. With You I can defeat him. How wonderful that You always and everywhere has the last word!

Bible reading today – James 4: 13 + 5:13

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