The End of Condemnation  –  2020.06.10

The End of Condemnation  –  2020.06.10

Who is a God like you,
who pardons sin and forgives the trangressions…
who does not stay angry forever
as He loves to be merciful?
Micah 7:18

There are people who are doing the greatest injuctice and yet feel free and happy. At least that`s how it looks like. I guess they have nothing but a dull conscience that does not allow any true feeling. They certainly lack any awareness of sin.
Other people always look for excuses, blame others and attribute their wrong behavior to bad circumstances. There are really many wrong ways to deal with guilt.
Once we stand before God there will be no excuses. We will be naked, full of shame, completely unveiled as sinner. There is nothing good in me whatever credible I try to pretend. I am a total failure unless Jesus looks at me, comes into my heart with His mercy and says: My beloved one, I hung for you on the cross. Your debt is wiped out! You are purified, free, and redeemed! I paid the price for you, so that I can speak holiness and justice over you. Believe it, receive it, my brother and sister, I did all for you! I know you lived in sin, did many bad things in your blindness. But I did bear them all for you that you are now free of guilt.  All burden is on Me!
Jesus knew that we are not able to believe above words by ourselves and therefore sent us the Holy Spirit. Only through Him faith can be awakened in us, the belief in forgiveness and redemption. Now we are able to listen to the comforting words: My child, stop tormenting yourself with your guilt. It is deeply submerged in the sea on the bank of which there is a sign: fishing prohibited!
Cry for help when your faith is too weak. You suffered enough! The time of soul tormentation is over! I speak, be free in Jesus name!

Jesus, You love to be merciful. Good news for me! Yes, Lord, redeem me from all kinds of self-reproaches. I will believe in You not in them. You will not stay angry forever. It is grace time!  I stop living under the curse. Thank You for having put an end to all the tormentations. Be praised, I have received Your forgiveness!

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