The faithful in the land – 2016.06.24

The faithful in the land – 2016.06.24

Whoever has haughty eyes and a proud heart,
I will not tolerate.
My eyes will be on the faithful in the land
that they may dwell with me;
the one whose way of life is blameless
will minister to me.
Psalm 101,5f

Today the Lord wants to speak to the smaller people. The housewives, mothers, small farmers, builders, the casual laborers… to all who are less in the eyes of the world. They are not forgotten. Not in God’s eyes.
He is father to the widows and orphans, the poor and oppressed, those people who do not count much in life. He keeps His eye on them and holds them in His hand. He sees their daily worries, all the things that take up so much time, and He says: you belong to the faithful, on whom my eyes rest. What thanks does a mother receive for rising early to get the children ready for school? Goes without saying… Yet, she is investing in the future. The love and diligence, the concern for others, all of this mirrors God’s love. God sees what is hidden. Some people fail to do their work properly when no one sees them. But God’s faithful people work in the face of God, whether others see them or not. They could not handle it if God were to rebuke them.
God likes the faithful and quiet ones in the land. They do the prayer work, care for the lost, raise the children, lead entire nations through their positive examples. He is not impressed by those haughty and proud people who hold fancy speeches on television. Those are hollow vessels.
But the faithful and quiet ones, they will dwell with Him. He likes having them around. He likes their quiet, but intense love. He likes listening to them and being joyful with them. Yes, they may serve Him. And He will serve them. He gives them a peace greater than anything else. He gives them joy, so that all their work will succeed. He hears their prayer, because He loves them. He blesses their children, just because they are their children. He is in every way good to them. Trust in Him, He likes you!

Thank You Jesus, You see the things others don’t. No job done for You is in vain. You like the small people, those who would otherwise be forgotten. You are a faithful God and You remember the faithful. You care for those small, unseeming people in Your special way, and keep them close to You.

Bible study for today: Hebrews 10, 1-18

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