The family  –  2020.02.04

The family  –  2020.02.04

Jesus asks:
Who is my mother and who are my brothers?
Matthew 12:48

Jesus was a guest in a house full of people who wanted to see and hear Him. Then His family came and wanted to talk to Him and they called Him out. But He asked, “Who are my brothers and my mother?” And He stretched out His hand to the disciples and said, “These are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of my Heavenly Father is brother and sister and mother to me.
Sometimes as Christians we are alone in our family. They have no understanding of our faith and our deeds, of our Gospel and the longing for fellowship with the brothers and sisters. They think we are “a little crazy” and want to change us back to normal. Jesus knows this struggle. That is why He consoles us: the family is where God reigns. There where we praise Jesus together, there is your home, your family. They are only people who make mistakes, but they follow Jesus. Many a disappointment comes through our families and spouses, children or parents. It always hits us deep. How much we want them to get to know Jesus! – but often they do not want to.
So we have to decide whether we adapt to the wishes of the family or continue to follow Jesus. HE has consolation for us in our solitude, when we pour out our heart to Him. HE has ways and possibilities to make you a blessing for your family. HE hears your prayer for your people. And often, though unfortunately not always, our people also come to Jesus, sooner or later.
Our prayers are not in vain!
Jesus gives us brothers and sisters when our own family rejects us, makes fun of us or thinks we are crazy. HE gives us fathers and mothers in faith. HE Himself is there and holds His hand over us. HE speaks words of love into our heart. With Him I find what my soul needs so much.

Oh, Lord! You know my situation. How good it is that I am not alone, but that You are with me, comforting and encouraging me. You show me the way I should go. Thank You.

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