The Father  –  2020.03.20

The Father  –  2020.03.20

While he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him;  he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him.
Luke 15, 20

It was an unusually hot summer’s day when a poor, ragged figure wandered down the road. Stomach and pockets were empty, clothes ragged and dirty, – he stank of pig manure. Many times he stopped, looked toward the farm in the distance and sighed deeply. “Will they take me back? Will they perhaps give me a little place in the stable? Will I find a roof, work and something to eat there? Will they even recognize me? Will they kick me out again? After all, I deserved it, having treated them as I did. All that hard earned money wasted. What an idiot I was. Even the lowest servant has it better with my father than I have; – I will try.” And so he walked on slowly and despondently.
His father stood by the road. Every morning he stood there looking out. Would his son return today? And at noon and in the evening he also went out and peered into the distance: Where is he?
But this time he saw the wretched figure. He rubbed his eyes and looked again. It’s him! I know that walk! And the old man ran, fell around the son’s neck, kissed him and caressed him. And when the boy tried to say his line: Father, I’ve done everything wrong, forgive me! – he didn’t let him say a word. He was so happy that his boy was back home! And immediately he ran him a bath, gave him clean clothes and organized a celebration. He was so happy that he didn’t ask about the money and all the things his son had done. He loved his son.
That’s how it is with God. How longingly He is awaiting His children! And they run around in the world doing all kinds of things. They don’t care about the father. Only when they are at the end, then the thought comes: Back to the Father! – How good that HE really loves His children!
And if you mean it seriously, then He takes you in His arms and embraces you tightly. HE is not resentful. He is happy when you finally come home!

Father, I am coming to You. I am totally dirty and filthy, I have so much guilt on me, I am no longer worthy to be Your child! But because of Your love I’m coming to You: I want to be Your child. Forgive me, wash me clean of all dirt and let me live with You. I love You!

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