The first command – 2020.02.08

The first command – 2020.02.08

„I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of  the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.“
2.Mose , Exodus 20, 2

Yes, the LORD is great, HE has saved me through Jesus from the slavery of sin and sinfulness. HE saved me from death. He has set me free. He filled me with His Spirit so that I can sing and dance. HE holds His flag above me, it says: My child, my beloved, my one and only!
But the text goes on:
You shall have no other gods beside me.
Whew, and yet there are so many temptations! Money, luxury, career, other philosophies, religions, easier ways … … and many fall for it and strive for things for which they sacrifice their faith and their Jesus. They exchange the love of God for religion or an “easy” Christianity, for success in business, for happiness in love …..  My, some people are stupid! They disobey the commandments of the almighty God as if they were harmless gimmicks. That’s not how it works! Whoever sacrifices to other gods, even if it is for career, falls in disregard with God, because the Savior is Jesus and not anything else! This commandment of God is very serious, and we must constantly struggle not to succumb to the temptations of making “lighter” gods.
There is the gospel that we can get money quickly if we only donate eagerly. What nonsense, as if you could buy God. There is the gospel of mysticism. There you have to delve into the old church writings and wisdom. Unfortunately one then loses sight of Jesus. He, our good Lord, will then become one of 1000 saints. Some are lured by the foreign, the wisdom of the Indians or others. And he no longer comes personally to Jesus, there is a wall built.
God is very serious about this commandment. That is why we want to take all the more care that nothing stands between Jesus and us. Then God promises: To those who love me, my blessing will last into the 1000th generation. Yes, we want the blessing of God for us, our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren!

Thank ​Y​ou, Your blessing is greater than anything the world can offer us. Father, forgive me if I sometimes look for other ways, and warn me! I want to walk in Your ways, because I know You love me.

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