The fullness of God — 2015.11.28

The fullness of God — 2015.11.28

For in him, Christ dwells all the fullness of God.
Colossians 2: 9

We want so much peace. And money, prosperity, health … Those are the things that come at first, if we are asked about our needs.
But if we have all this, we are still not satisfied, there is something missing in order to be happy. And so come new needs: travel, not needing to worry about the children, satisfaction, good job … and much more.
We are looking for the fulfilment of our deepest desires everywhere. In adventure and sports, in meditations, other religions, mysticism, pleasure, luxury, travel, books … But there remains a hole in the heart, it remains somehow dissatisfied, restless, unfulfilled.
We turn to God, seek Him in Scripture, in sermons and books, and ask Him to us fulfil our desires: peace, security, no worries … But somehow God remains silent and unresponsive. Only sometimes He lets us feel a little of His presence and His heavenly peace, perhaps in the time of worship in church or if someone prays with us. And then it fades away again.
We feel: He has what I lack. But does He not give it to me? Why??
Because he cannot share. He would like to give us peace and quiet, but that would be only a portion of His abundance, only a part of himself. But he cannot be divided. He wants to give us much, much more: Himself.
There’s a big difference, if God gives us something or whether he gives himself.
He can give us rain and sun, health, money, work, and more. But his character he cannot give it to us. We only get it, if he himself dwells in us.
And that’s what God wants: to dwell in us. He and I, we need to be together, undivided. HE wants to live within us with His fullness of life, and that is Christ, His Son. If we have Jesus, then we have the fullness of God: Heavenly peace, peace in the storm, joy and serenity, love, mercy, forgiveness, humility, meekness … Then everything is there, what fills this hole in the heart. Because this hole can only be filled by Him, that is what it is there for!

Thank you, Jesus, you want to live forever in me! Yes, if you’re there, nothing is missing. All the fullness of God is with you in me! Please, come and reign in my heart. Complete everything beyond what’s bothering you and hinders, and fill to overflowing!

Bible Reading Today: Romans 4, 13-25

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