The Fullness of God  –  2020.02.09 

The Fullness of God  –  2020.02.09 

For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity
lives in bodily form.
Colossians 2:9

What powerful words! Who ever can have an idea of the fullness of God? That is truly beyond our imagination. To name it, more than infinite, is not sufficient.
In Christ Jesus is the fullness of God. No where else we can receive this fullness, only in Him! He is the bread of life, the living water. He is the light of the world, the way to God, He is the truth and the life! He fulfills everything we can imagine of wonderful things. He is all in all. The  word, the truth became flesh in Him. He, therefore, can provide us with everything we need. He has more than enough for us. We just have to ask for it with confidence and not so timidly.
Jesus wants to dwell in us, He wants to give us in abundance. HIs mercy is infinite! He wants to pour out His love in our hearts so that we are filled with the glory of God. Who ever can comprehend that.
He wants to bless us, to help us in everything. He wants to remove all obstacles that separate us from God. He wants to give us peace. He forgives our guilt as soon as we confess it. He gives us the strength of reconciliation when we ask for it, helps us to let go vengefulness. He reveals all hidden bondages and curses in us and set us free of them.
He wishes to give us all and yet so many Christians seek the fullness elsewhere: in their own tradition, in just pious religious behavior, in “holy” exercises, in one-sided strict fasting, in keeping the sabbath, in donating money hoping to find favor with God.
No, all own endeavors are in vain. It is Jesus in you who pleases God. He, Son of God, does all, gives us salvation, has everything we need. Praise be to Jesus who was and is, and who is coming soon. Amen!

Oh Jesus, I love You, long for You! I wish to live in total communion and harmony with You. In You is rest and peace! How wonderful that I may taste Your love already here. How glorious it will be in heaven! I am looking forward to You!

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