The God who does miracles – 2016.11.13

The God who does miracles – 2016.11.13

Your ways, God, are holy.
Where is a God as great as our God?
You alone are the God who performs miracles,
You display Your power among the peoples.
Psalm 77: 13-14

When we are downhearted it helps to remember the great deeds of God. And when we have great plans and doubts at the same time, again we should be reminded of Gods power. How often He had intervened with support! How often He did miracles!
Without His miracles our faith would be empty. His miracles prove His love for us personally, demonstrate how precious we are in His eyes. It need not to be a great miracle which could touch us beyond our capacity. They are the small signs of love and affection that comfort us. With Him we have peace and joy inmidst of the storm.
Often our Lord replies immediately our prayers even though our faith was not so strong which astonished us the more. Yes, His deeds are marvelous!
Actually we could discern instantly where God is acting. However, our experience and education are not allowing that. Should God really intervene? It could be a coincidence! We have to protect our thinking against such doubts as they are hindering God to continue helping us further. On the other side our doubts are preventing us to expect great things from God, or hinder us to even perceive the miracles of God. Our Western thinking at all is detrimental to our faith.
Then I rather prefer to be like a little child who expects everything from the Father, the possible and impossible. I will more care about the possible and leave the impossible to God. He still heals, hears our prayers. Lost things will be found again, as Jesus knows where they are. He binds power of darkness and overcomes fear. There is joy, healing of the soul, forgiveness and redemption.
Yes, we want to expect miracles, God
s intervention in all possible situations and pray for that.. He will not reject our prayers. We will pray with persistance until His will is done.
Thank You, Jesus, You have not rejected my prayer. You always answer my prayer. Lord, I want to be more in Your presence. I want to see more miracles. I want to live right at Your side You are the great, holy God who does miracles.

Bible reading today – Psalm 3

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