The God who works miracles

The God who works miracles

Everything you do, O God, is holy.
No god is as great as you.
Psalms 77, 13

God is doing many, many wonders and signs. We experience it differently and therefore give different explanations for it. Explanations and theories help us to distinguish, who has done this sign; – The enemy can even do a few things, and we do not want to fall for his line. However, different explanations should not lead to an argument!
God is doing so much! But He does not fit into a standard pattern. Many times He has healed me from illness, but often I have to take medicine. He mostly helps me to find again lost things, but not always. Once, when I had no money, a brother came and asked me how much I would need. But usually I have to earn my own living. Some times His voice spoke into my head and my thoughts and saved me from death by disease or accident. But I can never make a rule out of it! God stands sovereign over the things!
I can trust Him, because through this small signs of love He shows, how much He loves me. I need this small signs of love, since they build up my love and trust to Him.
God does “unimaginable” things. He is just worried about the smallest little thing which burdens me. Once I wanted to camp in a pine forest by the sea. But there was an army of mosquitoes. I complained my suffering to the Lord, and the mosquitoes always kept a distance of one meter. This evening I enjoyed very much! Unfortunately, this was a unique miracle, and I’ll usually get bitten like everyone else. But, He has shown that He can!
Yes, I believe in the Lord, who can work every miracle! Nothing is too large, too heavy or too tiny for Him. He can do EVERYTHING! He does not fit into a standard pattern; but He himself may be found. I can not believe in theories, but only in Him. He is my help, my savior and my comfort.

Thank You, Jesus, that You are so concerned about me! In You I can trust in any situation, for You are the Lord! You never let me down, Your help is always on time. You alone are my God who works miracles!

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