The good gifts from above  –  2020.10.14

The good gifts from above  –  2020.10.14

Every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,
who does not change like shifting shadows.
James 1:17

Our conception of God is often incorrect. We know Him far too little. For instance we often believe that God forgets us, or punish us with bad things, reject us, do not forgive, and still credit us with our sin. This attitude hurts God, offends His love for us. Jesus gave us everything to be Gods children. So do everything and immediately to understand God correctly again through His Son. Receive His love but do not misuse and misunderstand it.
Often we think God is punishing us when we are facing serious problems. So we ask ourselves whether we have done something wrong when we get sick and try to find out our sin. We are often so convinced that there is a punishing God. We often think so negatively whilst the Bible always calls those challenges God
s upbringing. We take this punishment as a harsh beat. But God wish to give us a good lesson in love. Often one word of Him is sufficient to put His children on the right way again. He is a Master of wise chastisement. He knows exactly how to deal with us. He always wants to give us the very best. In His treatment with His children there is no condemnation, no tough, random beatings out of mere revenge.
No, God never will condemn His children! Fear not, you are not His child today, and tomorror He will forget you. His love is limitless. With His love He created the earth and everything was perfect. There was no evil. But then the fall of man happened and since then the enemy is sowing bad seeds in the field as Jesus tells in His parables. God and bad exist side by side and can sometimes hardly  be distinguished as the disciple John writes. Only the truly reborn Christ, child of God is able to discern not the lukewarm follower.
From God, Lord of heaven and earth, only comes good things! Therefore only expect the best from Him: healing, peace, forgiveness, joy, and never mere punishment and condemnation.We can asked for anything. He will give it to us as long as it is really good for us. Had He ever given you a scorpion when you ask for a fish? Jesus is there for you ready to forgive, will not punish. The sin, the separation from Him is punishment enough for us!
Of course there are damages for which obviously we are responsible ourselves. Anyone who drinks a liter of schnapps every day, need not to be surprised about lever damage and nerv breakdowns. If you sit on the sofa all the time you will get back pain. Prayers are here out of place. If you change your behavior, repent, you may come to God with your back pain.
Please distinguish the suffering for which you are responsible from the suffering without your fault. The latter suffering God will use to draw you near to Him. God loves to do good only! We are His children!

Thank You, Jesus, You made us children of God who is our Father. He loves us, wants to be good to us, to give us the best. How wonderful that is!

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