The Holy Spirit – 2016.10.22

The Holy Spirit – 2016.10.22

For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, love and a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1: 7

Today I looked at all passages in the Bible dictionary, which have to do with "power". Since I noticed how often the Holy Spirit is called the power of God. And I realized how much of this power we needed! Jesus worked in the power of the Spirit, the apostles have Him given to them and throughout the Church’s history there have always been men and women who built in the powerful realm of the Spirit. Today there are many Christians and communities working in this and they are experiencing power. Yes, we need the power of God !!
When God saved us, He did not say, do not sin again, so you go to heaven; – And withdrew. He does not sit in heaven and looks at us as we cope with the problems. He has sent the helper, friend and counsel for us, the Holy Spirit. He makes us capable of leading a life of faith that pleases God. He does not think only on the word of God, which the Holy Spirit unlocks us, not only to the comfort, that He mediated, not only spiritual books and sermons on evangelism and pastoral care. He provides for the inner man, so that the fruits of the Spirit can grow: joy, peace, faith, meekness, kindness, love, mercy and self-control. He also ensures the external man, for food and drink, work, housing and clothing. He takes care of health and natural disasters and evil spirits who want to enslave us. He is concerned in all respects for His children and has a solution for everything.
We absolutely need this power of God; – He has promised us. How do we get it? We begin to deal with the power of God, as they had in the life of Jesus and in the Acts. We read the letters of the apostles and note what is written there about the subject. We check our thinking if we think biblically-correct, or have been manipulated by a theological direction. We get faith that Jesus is doing now exactly as it was when He was on earth. We cleanse and sanctify ourselves to Him. We give out as a living sacrifice to God; – Do with me what you like! And let us pray that this power of God fills us. God will send us the Holy Spirit in abundance, perhaps not immediately, but He will come if we wait further on Him. We trust the Lord for everything, to ask for everything and believe that He acts. So He can cure diseases, drive away evil spirits, fear, anxiety and worries disappear and it happened signs of God among us in the name of Jesus Christ.
The gospel is power. It can change the world. Let’s get ready!

Thank you, Jesus, for your mind! Please, fill me again with the power of God! Please cleanse me and sanctify myself; – I want to be yours. Thank You think of all our needs. Thank you that you are merciful and gracious! Thank you for allowing me to ask for anything! You are sooo good to me !!

Bible Reading Today: John 14, 25 – 31

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