The Last Days – 2014.10.02

And Jesus told His disciples: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me… And remember that I am always with you until the end of time.”
Matthew 28, 18;20

Our text in the Bible readings today describes the destruction of the world and the disasters, that will happen then. You could really get scared. But Jesus says: I am with you! I have all the power here on earth just as in heaven! No one will tear you out of my hand!
When you hear and watch the daily news, you can get scared. Fights, civil wars, refugee misery, famine, persecution, natural disasters and accidents everywhere. The emergency will also affect us Christians; everywhere we will be tracked and we will be accused to be to blame for all misfortune. Many Christians are afraid of these last days.
But Jesus keeps an eye on His community and on each of His children. He doesn’t let us be a the match ball of the powers. He even helds us tighter in His hands, if the pressure gets bigger. That christians in the countries that still went through persecution, know: He is with us, even in prison, in suffering, in persecution and hardships. He consoles, encourages, fills our heart with joy and peace, gives new strength and provides us. The stronger the need, the closer He is to us! And just as He brought out Israel from Egypt and rescued His people in the middle of the Red Sea, He will come and get us out and save us. We wait for Him, our Redeemer, Savior, God and Lord!
It is so much better to give your heart to Jesus right now, than sticking to your wealth and other things. We can enjoy it all, but it should not blind us to be "indispensable". Only one is indispensable to us: Jesus.
Together with Him we are strong and in His hand we can and will get through everything! And then, when He comes again, He can say: Well done, my child!
Thank you, Jesus, for always being there! Together with You I can overcome anything. You hold me, comfort me, give me strength and courage. How beautiful is it to go through the day with You and see by seeing Your miracles and feeling that You are near. Thank you, my wonderful Lord!

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