The Law – 2014.11.10

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."
Matthew 11:28
There is no man without a heavy burden. But Jesus wants to carry it for us! HE wants us to rest.
The law is a terrible burden to us. Not the state law, but the biblical law is difficult to us, although it meant to be for our own good! There are so many areas of our life where we live differently as the Bible wants us. Am I kind and loving enough? Am I merciful? Every time I find things that do not match a truly Christian lifestyle. And then comes a pressure of the group. Every church and community has certain rules which we have to obey to. Some people do not do certain things while others prohibit others. You must do this or that. And everything is somehow justified biblically. Who does not follow it, perhaps is not even a Christian.
Jesus wants to free us from the heavy burden of the law! Mainly from the self-condemnation! Because of their non-perfect lifestyle many Christians do not experience the joy of the gospel. They constantly condemn themselves and do all the best in order to improve themselves. How good it is that Jesus says: My child, do not be afraid! – I have called You by Your name, I have redeemed You and You are mine! Come to me, I’ve already done all You want to do by yourself. Come, bring me Your burden of condemnation and self-improvement. I will give You rest!
He will not put the law in our hearts, rather His good Spirit that makes the law alive. Then the law no longer oppresses us, but the Word of God gives us life! Then we can take a breath and become well again, and rejoice!
The Holy Spirit does not want to improve our constant self-condemnation and effort. He Himself wants to live in us. Where the burden of the law rules, the gospel can not become real.
Thank you, Jesus, You have redeemed me! You have kept the whole law instead of me. Please, give me mercy to myself and my fellows in those areas where we do not keep the law completely. Please, give me wisdom to distinguish where the law enslaves me and where you want me to get rid of my sins. You want to give me rest not weariness. Thank you, You are my Savior, my Deliverer and my Reason to be happy!

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