The Lilies In The Field – 2015.09.15

The Lilies In The Field – 2015.09.15

Jesus says:
Notice how the lilies in the field grow. They don’t wear themselves out with work, and they don’t spin cloth. But I say to you that even Solomon in all of his splendor wasn’t dressed like one of these.
Matthew 6:28f

God has made a huge effort when He created the flowers. It’s just amazing, this diversity and beauty! This fragrance and joy that flowers spread! How they make an effort to bloom nicely, to stretch out to the sun … just wonderful.
It’s amazing how this all fits together in creation: flowers – blossoms – pollen – bees – sun, rain, earth … At everything is thought and it fits together like lock and key. Nothing is left to chance, but everything fits together with sense. He has made His creation wonderful!
And He always provides everything: Every day the sun shines. It is raining or the dew falls and the flowers can drink. He makes the earth fruitful, so that the flowers have nutrients. He sends the bees, so there are new flowers. He thinks of everything!
How should the mighty God, who creates little things so wonderfully, cannot think of us people? We can put our trust in His strong hands. He treats us gently, lovingly and tenderly. He is concerned about all things. He cares for housing, clothing, food and drink.
He sends dew and rain, so that the flowers do not wither. How could he deny us His blessing? When we stretch ourselves to Him as the flower stretches to the sun, He will give us spiritual dew and rain. He will refresh our souls and give courage and hope. He will let the sun shine in our hearts. Because He is concerned about every small flower just like about us humans. Arise, Oh my soul, and seek the Lord! He will not forget you, but saturate you with His heavenly gifts.
He is not the reaper who mows the grass and the flowers before their time and throws them away as weed. He wants the flowers to reach their full time. And for that He cares and protects them.

Thank you, Father, You think of everything! You know what I need today. You know, when I need Your consolation. I stretch myself out to You, my life-sun. Light up my soul with Your rays, so that I can praise You joyfully!

Bible reading today: Psalm 126, 1 – 6

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